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Scottsdale Foreclosures for Sale If you are thinking about purchasing a Scottsdale foreclosure home, the opportunity is still available but rare. The process of buying Scottsdale foreclosures in today’s market is not easy, and most foreclosures are already gone. In 2011, the majority of home sales in Scottsdale involved foreclosure homes. Since 2013, the number of homeowners with negative equity on their homes has dropped substantially, leaving very few foreclosures on the market. The number of Scottsdale foreclosures for sale is currently below 1 percent. If you would like to search for a deal on Scottsdale foreclosures, it is important to know what to expect. Many buyers are interested in foreclosures, so these types of sales are extremely competitive. If you want to be able to snatch up a foreclosure, it will help to be informed about the realities of the current real estate market and to have a real estate agent that knows how to deal with the intricacies of foreclosure sales. With prior experience as a Real Estate Attorney, Scottsdale Realtor Carmen Brodeur is well-equipped to handle negotiations and can help you get the best deal on your new home. Call Carmen at (602) 791-0536 or email if you wish to schedule a viewing of any Scottsdale homes for sale

Scottsdale Foreclosures for Sale Scottsdale Foreclosures

The foreclosure market in Scottsdale is rapidly changing. The number and quality of foreclosures has drastically changed in the past 18 months. There used to be a large selection of Scottsdale foreclosures on the market with little competition. It was common for only one offer to be on the table at a time. These days, it is more common for there to be multiple offers on each foreclosure. Multiple offers and bidding wars is typical for the best foreclosures. Sales prices are regularly higher than list prices. Call us for more information about the current real estate trends. We would be happy to explain the market to you and show you graphs or charts of how the market is moving. All trends point to increasing prices and decreasing foreclosures.

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